1 Solution, multiple benefits

Remove friction

In the passenger embarkation process

Reduce time in port

More time spent enjoying your cruise

Reduce queues

And create a more pleasant experience

Digitalise processes

Remove all paper and manual processes

Ensure compliance

Adhere to new rules & regulations



Digitalise the pre-screening process in a single cloud-based, secure portal. fit2go offers bespoke form creation, management and reporting, allowing for frictionless data capture.
Suitable for any type of event where proof of vaccination, insurance and testing status is required, fit2go is an agile IT solution from theICEway ecosystem of companies.

The need to collect and analyse health data is more crucial than ever before, as all sectors aim for a return to service in 2021. fit2go provides a robust solution that fully adheres to secure data governance procedures. It offers full management of form creation, delivery and collection, for both ‘hard copy’ and electronic vaccination certificates, travel insurance documents and required medical forms for remote destinations such as Antarctica.

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fit2go explained

Capturing health-related data has never been simpler; this explainer video provides the perfect snapshot of just how streamlined the process is.

fit2go - Frequently Asked Questions


How easy is it to create a new question?

It is very simple and only requires a few clicks; a new question will appear and you can add it to the form.

Am I limited to the number of questions I can add?

There is no limit to the number of questions.

Where is the data collected stored?

In a secure, cloud-based database.

Am I limited in the number of users I can send forms to?

There is no limit at all.

Can I create multiple events?

Yes, you can create as many events as you need and then attach a form to each of them.

Can fit2go be used to offer 'return to work' status?

Yes, fit2go can be used to ask employees how they wish to return to the workplace.

How is the message sent?

Messages can be sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Do I need programming skills to set up a new form?

No programming knowledge is required. HTML content can be added to enhance the message if so desired, and we can provide full instructions and guidance with this.

Can I add a logo to the form / email?

Your company logo can be added, plus you can add a bespoke header and any text required to an email template.

Can I upload a user file?

You can upload a CSV file with all details.

Is it possible to manually create a new user?

Yes, you can do this easily by adding an email address or telephone number.

What type of events can fit2go be used for?

Any event where health data collection is required; for example:

Return to the workplace | conferences | meetings | incentive programmes | embarking on cruises & holidays.

Can I ask for a copy of a vaccination certificate?

Yes, you can (ideally with a photograph or you can add vaccine certificates from local health services once widely available). 



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