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ICEbreaker, September 2018

by ICE ICT Editor | October 1, 2018 | ICEbreaker | 0 Comments

Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter, ICEbreaker from ICE, the travel technology IT consultants.

This month’s highlights include the rise of all-inclusive cruising for Brits, 10 trends on the Internet of Things and time to regulate the Wild West of bitcoin. We’ve also written the second article in our series on the ICEway ecosystem explaining the thinking behind our consultancy arm.
Meanwhile, Richie has written an article for The Maritime Executive to help the cruise industry benefit from technology around areas including cyber and data compliance and more efficient operations. And those of you who know him will not be surprised to hear it also includes thoughts on how tech can help personalise and enhance customer experience.

Richie will be chairing a new tech initiative as part of Cruise Line’s International Association’s Executive Partner Program bringing together cruise liners, tech vendors and industry experts. We’ll have more to report back on this next month.

Until then, 

Ian Richardson (Richie) and Conor Byrne
(ICE's founders) 

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Quote Of The Month

  “In 2050 the ships we are building today will still be at sea but the people who ordered and built them will not be in the industry, so it is our duty to create a sustainable product for the next generation.”

Neil Palomba, president Costa Cruises
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Number Of The Month


€20 million


The first GDPR fine notice has been sent. Ouch.

Source: The Register
Articles Of The Month

Story 1-3

How We Believe Tech Can Help Cruising

Richie is chairing a new tech initiative as part of Cruise Line’s International Association’s Executive Partner Program. Read his article on how tech can resolve issues and improve service. More...

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Story 2_2

How Did Hackers Board BA’s Website?

Supply chain attack is an increasing issue for companies who embed code from third-party suppliers. "You can put the strongest lock you like on the front door," said cyber security expert, Prof Woodward, "but if the builders have left a ladder up to a window, where do you think the burglars will go?" More...

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Story 3-3

Are You Being Served?

Finding cutting edge payment services and tools is a challenge. Indeed, 20% of retailers leave their merchant service providers every year and only one in five actually complete the application process. What’s going wrong? More...

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Story 4-2

RIP Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law - that every two years, microprocessors will get twice as fast, use half as much energy, and take up half as much space - is finally breaking down. Four very different types of quantum computers are being developed - by light particles, trapped ions, superconducting qubits and nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamonds. Who will win the race? More...

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Story 5-3

The Wild West

Time to regulate the Wild West of bitcoin, says British politicians pointing to, “the high price volatility, the hacking vulnerability of exchanges and the potential role in money laundering.” In 2017, the price of a bitcoin soared by more than 900%, hitting a peak of almost $20,000. Times are changing… More...

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Story 6-3

Who Takes The Risk?

The story of how ICE built its expert consultancy team – another component of the TheICEway ecosystem – helping our clients by taking on risk for them. More...

Read More (4 mins)


Story 7-2

The Internet Of Things

Here are 10 trends influencing the Internet of Things, from the way data is driving the technology, to edge computing and next-generation devices. You’re welcome. More...

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Story 8-3

All Aboard The Hydrogen Train

This month, Germany’s passengers boarded the world’s first hydrogen trains. Although expensive, hydrogen is a promising energy source that produces zero emissions and very little noise. Watch this space. More...

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Story 9-3

The Complete Package

The UK cruising market is growing thanks to British tourists’ increasing appetite for all-inclusive packages, meaning guests have to spend little once onboard. Meanwhile, European Cruise Operators will see an estimated 13.3% capacity growth in 2019 according to Cruise Industry News’ 2019 European Regional Report.

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