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ICE Managed Services Part 2

by Owen Redmond | July 29, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

Last week theICEway’s Mel McCormack guided us through a selection of the IT Managed Services on offer here at ICE, looking at those designed to help our clients in the areas of admin, data, design and documentation. Today, we continue with our focus on this important part of the business by covering our services for messaging, monitoring, remote access and resource contracting, with Head of Sales Owen Redmond.


Communication is a vital element of any business process and a lot of the time, when a problem is encountered there has usually been a breakdown with messages at some stage or other. Our experts recognise this and always ensure that keeping people connected is critical, with messaging systems managed in such a way as to allow for effective, clear messaging for reporting and documentation, purchasing, billing and auditing, and for all meetings.

Our robust messaging services include email and instant messaging platforms, such as Exchange (theICEway is a Microsoft partner) and Skype for Business. We can provide and maintain these either on-premises, in a Data Centre or in the Cloud through the 365 Platform, and we can also help if you are looking to move from one of these solutions to another.
Over the last twenty years, our many experts have gained vast experience with migrations large and small, so if outsourcing your IT requirements in this area is on the agenda, they’d be happy to help.

Monitoring Services

Another crucial aspect of IT support is monitoring; that is, making sure that all IT systems are performing in the correct manner and to agreed thresholds and parameters.

Here on theICEway we adopt a ‘security by design’ approach wherever possible because we always like to remain proactive, and we genuinely believe that proactive support starts with monitoring.

Our IT experts will guide you on exactly how your systems are operating, with all certificates evaluated and analysed and alerts reviewed and acted upon when required. Through constant communication, you will know when a certificate is due for renewal and how best to action this, and you can rest assured that we will offer you full support with your infrastructure, applications, anti-virus, backups (these will be looked at on a daily basis), websites and databases.

Remote Access

In this day and age, your staff need to be able to access systems remotely more than ever before, so ‘WFH’ will surely become one of the most-used abbreviations of the year.
Another popular abbreviation – to those from an IT background, at least – is ‘BYOD’, and this is another of the key drivers behind the need for a strong and secure approach to virtualisation.

To that end, the team at ICE can provide you with all the support you will need for application and desktop virtualisation, and point-to-site or site-to-site VPN, providing you with multiple remote access options from secure tunnels to your virtual desktops, be they cloud-based, on-premise, or in a datacentre.

Resource Contracting

For over two decades, the experts at theICEway ecosystem of companies have built up a vast, global network of specialist connections and partners, many of whom have worked together with us on projects both large and small.

If you are looking for help with a specific project or task, our embedded resources could be exactly what you need.

Whether you can benefit from the assistance of a consultant or an embedded engineer, one call to us could be all that is required…


theICEway – An ecosystem of companies specialising in IT and coming together to provide clients with a complete digital solution: ICE, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware

ICE – A sub brand of theICEway that specialises in: Consultancy, Innovation, Managed Cloud Services and Rapid Development

WFH – Work from home

Top Tip

Here are some basic tips for remote access security:

- Use strong passwords (ideally with two-factor authentication)
- Update your software and deploy firewalls
- Enable Network Level Authentication

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