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ICEbreaker August 2020

by Asa Sargeant | August 26, 2020 | ICEbreaker | 0 Comments

Another edition of the ICEbreaker has landed…

What a Summer it has been so far, and for a number of reasons; there was the hottest August day in the UK for 17 years just a few weeks ago, (although not as hot as was recorded at Death Valley National Park!), many of us have delighted in the restart of some fantastic sporting events, plus CNN recently revealed that NASA has found an asteroid which is set to approach near the Earth on the day before the US presidential elections…!

COVID has certainly changed the world as we know it, but we as a people have displayed tremendous togetherness, and our determination to ‘keep on going’ has been a key feature of 2020. And so it is in that exact spirit that we deliver the latest ICEbreaker for you, featuring an exclusive piece on another key collaboration for us, plus highlights from our ICE, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware brands.

theICEway & Seatrade Cruise Virtual

This ICEbreaker exclusively reveals the exciting role to be played by one of our Co-Founders at October’s Seatrade Cruise Virtual. Touching upon IT, Healthcare and Cruise – three of our favourite subjects here on theICEway – this event is set to be an important one in the cruise industry calendar.

You can register to attend Seatrade Cruise Virtual by using the link below:

ICE Technology Services - Innovation Hub Q2 Round-Up

We always monitor our back-end metrics to see which of the blog pieces we publish are achieving a higher level of resonance amongst our audience, and here we look back at those articles proving most popular from the April to June period including one about our IT Consultancy services.

CRIBB - The Supplier Chain & External Threats

Back in June we sat with cyber security expert Patrick Carolan to talk about supply chain attacks in what was the most popular CRIBB article of the summer.

He spoke in his own inimitable fashion about the increasing numbers of suppliers and service providers with access to sensitive data leading to a rise in threats to the supplier chain... It’s not one to miss!

The eTestware Website is being improved - oh, and here's Bacon!

As our hardworking team at eTestware strive to refine their website, we thought we would use the opportunity to find out which pages had received the most amount of views this year.
No prizes for guessing that there was only one winner – our blog piece about Bacon the dog!

You can view the latest ICEbreaker from theICEway here – happy reading!

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