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theICEway and Cruise Saudi

Five technology companies have joined theICEway and Cruise Saudi to help the latter develop Saudi Arabia’s first cruise line. We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this collaboration and cannot wait for cruise holidaymakers to add another amazing experience to their bucket lists. Here we reveal more about this hugely ambitious technology project which is set to further boost the cruise industry.

Aroya Cruises

In a recent press release, Cruise Saudi CEO Lars Clasen said: “We are proud to be working in collaboration with world-leading technology companies to integrate cutting-edge technology into the Aroya Cruises experience.” Aroya is the Kingdom’s first ever cruise line and promises ‘a voyage like no other’. Guests can expect a journey inspired by the beauty of the Red Sea and the timeless hospitality of Arabia.

theICEway are a trusted advisor for many aspects of the Aroya tech stack. This is due to our vast experience in shipboard as well as landside systems. We are proud to be part of the core technology team, with strong existing relationships now joined by new ones.

An Innovative Tech Collaboration

Cruise Saudi also revealed that the project has entered its inaugural phase of technology stack development. This strategic collaboration sees experts from theICEway joining those from Monitor Deloitte, Alibaba Cloud SA, SourceToad, Otalio and Versonix Seaware. Together, we are helping Cruise Saudi to realise their commitment to providing passengers with a seamless journey from initial booking, to boarding and then return.

This seasoned IT team is leading the tech stack development. Monitor Deloitte are tasked with crafting a data-driven digital strategy that will ensure complete alignment. Alibaba Cloud Saudi Arabia will then lay the digital foundation for Aroya Cruises. At the same time, theICEway has been entrusted with seamlessly integrating Aroya’s diverse technological domains into a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Tech To Enhance The Cruise Guest Experience

Once theICEway et al have then finished laying the digital foundations, it will soon be time for Aroya to set sail. During cruise holidays, SourceToad’s digital concierge will provide features for passengers including:

- An interactive ship map
- Daily itineraries
- Reservations for shore excursions, dining and then also spa treatments

Otalio’s Ship Property Management System will then deliver curated experiences. Versonix Seaware will offer an intuitive booking experience. All of this points to a truly seamless guest experience.

Cruise Saudi: Set To Boost The Cruise Industry

Launched in 2021, Cruise Saudi was tasked with delivering a full-suite cruise market to Saudi. They are responsible for the development and operation of cruise berths and terminals, along with scaling cruise services from marketing to Shorex design and coordination plus ship operations. Cruise lines from around the world will soon be welcomed to include Saudi as a port of call on their itineraries. theICEway and Cruise Saudi, as well as all key members of this collaboration, simply cannot wait.

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