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10 Steps to Ticket Quality Heaven

by ICE ICT Editor | August 2, 2018 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

This checklist was compiled by our Service Desk Coordinator Bob Richardson.

Keeping on top of your engineer’s ticket quality is of great importance to the success of your business. It demonstrates you are striving for excellence.

Shouting about this to your customers not only lets them know you are keeping standards high but most importantly, keeps them happy!

There are some vital factors to consider when assessing ticket quality and no doubt you’ll have your own ideas tailored to your business but here are ten of my most important questions I ask during Ticket Quality Assessments and my reasons why:

1. Is the Summary clear and concise?

The first thing anybody will see in a ticket is the Title (or Summary) so MAKE IT COUNT!


2. Has the correct Issue Category and Type been chosen?

Don’t fall foul of schoolboy errors - crucial for the accuracy of reports above all else!


3. Was the First Response process followed correctly?

Customers will always prefer a personal service to a robotic automated response.


4. Was the ticket updated on a daily basis?

Once your customer is calling up asking for updates then YOU are failing. Provide regular updates!


5. Does the Description include all necessary elements to understand the issue?

The customer does not like to repeat themselves. So gather the correct information FIRST TIME!


6. Was the Priority set correctly?

Never treat a Priority 1 issue like a Priority 2 issue. And KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.


7. Was 3-strike rule followed (if applicable)?

Only have ACTIVE tickets in your ticket queue and chase up any that can be closed.


8. Are all steps of troubleshooting described in the Activity Log?

Troubleshooting skills are key to an engineer’s success in resolving tickets in an efficient manner.


9. Are the solution steps in the ticket?

Knowing HOW the ticket was resolved contributes vital knowledge to your constantly evolving knowledge base.


10. Does the ticket contain a link to a Knowledge Base article (current or pending)

Your engineers must either be: (1) USING or (2) CONTRIBUTING TOWARDS your knowledge base .

 Our clients are regularly complimenting us on our Ticket Quality and it’s always reassuring to know that they value this important process as much as we do at ICE Technology Services.


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