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About ICE Technology Services

by Asa Sargeant | May 13, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

ICE Technology Services is part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, a collection of IT brands that combine to work alongside clients in healthcare, cruise & travel, and retail. Founded by Conor Byrne and Ian Richardson, theICEway’s team of experts have accrued over 20 years of experience, becoming recognised as specialists in their field. Today, we take a look at what ICE Technology Services can do for you…

For more than two decades, we have provided Managed IT services and consultation to help companies achieve their business goals. Our 'follow the sun' methodology for all managed service clients sees them receiving seamless, 24/7 support, and with offices located in London, Tallinn, Melbourne & Miami, this local company born in a shed near Welwyn Garden City has truly achieved a global reach.

Working alongside giants in the healthcare and cruise industry, especially during these particularly difficult times, we have managed to deliver throughout, in no small part because of the fantastic team we are blessed to have on board theICEway as a whole. Indeed, one of our core values is our people, from the experts at CRIBB Cyber Security to our ICE Service Desk Engineers by way of the QA test specialists at eTestware – theICEway is definitely a company that looks to invest in our people and further enhance their opportunities.

We fully believe that teamwork is key to creating a strong and productive working culture, something that we are very proud to be continuing in full during the lockdown via remote working. Those of you who regularly read our blog will have no doubt seen some of the remote routines our people have kindly shared, illustrating just how together we are as a unit.

We also place a keen emphasis on commitment; commitment to each other, our clients, and partners, and to our tenacious work ethic – we are determined to go above and beyond in everything we do. Integrity is instilled across the board, because we believe in acting with the utmost respect and honesty at all times – this is how we have built and maintained such strong relationships with our clients.

We are fully committed towards providing the highest levels of quality in every task and project assigned to us, with full accountability too, as it is important to take responsibility at every stage – this is why our client retention rate is so high, something we take huge pride in.

Adaptable and innovative, we are always striving to learn and develop so that we stay ahead of the curve – and so that our clients do, too. If you need help with Managed Services, Cloud Strategy, IT Consultancy, Development or more, read on for more information.

Managed Services

Our comprehensive offering covers administrative tasks, data integrity, design and implementation, document and data management, messaging, monitoring services, remote access, resource contracting, security, technical support, telecommunication, and training. In the execution of these services and more, our team of experts are highly skilled across a variety of different platforms, including Windows, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure, plus a wide range of cloud and on premise-based applications.

Cloud Services / Cloud Strategy

With over 20 years’ experience in the cruise and travel industry, we have become one of the world’s few cloud vendors with experience in public cloud, plus in managing and hosting integrated systems including on-board systems. We have a focus upon high availability hosting for mission-critical applications, and our trained specialists consistently manage and implement high-volume B2C & B2B platforms, consumer-facing web applications and more. We are proud to say that ICE Technology Services is an authorised Microsoft service provider.

IT Consultancy Services

Our experienced consultants are all happy to share their IT-related insights on everything from application lifecycle management, business analysis, data management, project management, business intelligence reporting, system integration, system selection & procurement, all the way through to testing and training.

Deployment Services

We deploy trusted and experienced teams alongside yours to assist in the design, integration and implementation of digital transformation solutions into your business. Our IT experts work diligently alongside you and the technical teams, ensuring that all requirements are understood and effectively managed at every step. We have over 1,000 specialists in data science, UX, the Cloud, product development and more at our disposal, with more than 2,000 successfully completed projects that we are incredibly proud of.

Why outsource to ICE Technology Services?

This is the most common question we face, and at the best of times we can point to increased efficiencies and cost savings from the outset. Now, during this very testing time for everyone, we have found that those benefits have been hugely reinforced.

Many clients have opted to use this time to try and improve their existing procedures and working practices by asking our specialists to help them analyse and evaluate systems, processes and more.

Another key benefit that clients have commented upon is the flexibility we can provide; with an outsourced team in place, there are zero issues over leave or sickness (for example). Our experts perform the task(s) at hand according to an initial plan and are then ready to move on to the next project.

Simply put, at a time in which a major objective for many companies is to save money without sacrificing on quality, outsourcing to experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can bolster resources exponentially is the only viable option.

Contact our experts today to take your first steps along theICEway


QA test – Quality assurance test, a quality-testing process designed to evaluate whether or not an organisation is delivering the best standard of products or services

AWS – Amazon Web Services

Azure – A cloud computing service from Microsoft that is used for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications & services through MS data centres

UX – User experience, this simply describes what a user feels when using a product

Top Tip

As part of theICEway, our experts can also help you with cyber security, certification, data protection, governance and more (CRIBB Cyber Security), or a wide range of outsourced software testing services (eTestware).

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