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Cloud managed services definition

by Asa Sargeant | May 12, 2021 | Products & Services | 1 Comment

The experts at ICE deliver a range of IT solutions designed to fully enable your digital transformation. We are sometimes asked what the various services we provide entail. Today then, we provide you with a cloud managed services definition. In the weeks ahead, we’ll do the same for our other offerings.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The term ‘Cloud computing’ refers to the public cloud itself and also describes the manner in which it works. The most well-known public cloud offerings are perhaps Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

These platforms allow workloads to be run remotely over the internet and within a commercial provider’s data centre. Effectively, cloud computing provides users with a virtual pool of resources. Any request made is then fulfilled with great agility by cloud service providers, using automation to apply these resources to workloads as required.

A key advantage of cloud computing is the fact that users do not need to invest in new hardware or software to expand their capabilities.

What Is A Managed Cloud Service?

This term refers to a company giving control of their daily, cloud-based IT management out to a third party. Managed cloud service providers are then responsible for full technical support. They will manage all computing, storage and network operations tasks. They must also focus upon cloud security, application stacks and more, often also handling monitoring and reporting duties.

In many cases, an MSP is charged with performance testing plus backup and recovery – it all depends upon the needs of your organisation.

3 Benefits Of Cloud Managed Services Providers

#1. Greater control over IT costs plus cost savings

At ICE, we are not in favour of outsourcing but we are advocates for right-sourcing. The difference in simple terms is that we’ll always collaborate – we’ll work together with you to ensure that key objectives are met. A right-sourced approach allows for more control over costs. You can exercise greater flexibility, choosing whether or not to opt for consistent support or taking a more seasonal approach.

#2. Develop a stronger infrastructure and futureproof your IT

Many cloud MSPs offer around-the-clock support, plus monitoring and scanning for security issues, patch requirements and more. The cloud experts at ICE will go to great lengths to understand your business, your people and your core objectives. We will help you to integrate existing processes and policies with network management to coincide with those objectives. Cloud migration is a huge step towards future-proofing your data centre, and we will be with you every step of the way.

#3. Improved recovery and response

Cloud managed services ensure that your data is safe and secure across all applications. In the event of an incident, you can rest assured that there will be minimal downtime. Our private cloud service uses a data centre with a 99.99% availability uptime guarantee. Our Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle certified technical engineers also guarantee a rapid, on-site response time.

ICE is able to provide an end-to-end digital solution because we are part of theICEway ecosystem. This gives us access to vast resources around the globe. We have specialist teams at CRIBB Cyber Security who help us maintain a security by design approach. Our expert software testers at eTestware allow us to offer quality assurance. To find out more then, contact us today.

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