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Digital transformation in healthcare & key trends to look out for

by Asa Sargeant | July 21, 2021 | Healthcare | 0 Comments

The IT professionals at ICE have worked alongside clients in the healthcare industry for many years. We have seen new technologies emerge, as digital transformation in healthcare has paved the way for change. Today we look at that and include some key trends to watch out for.

New tech in healthcare is changing the industry

Most of us are familiar with gadgets such as wearable fitness monitors. There are literally hundreds of health apps available too. Anybody who has seen the latest EE advert will be aware of tech used for remote shaving (!), and this is actually going to be a factor in healthcare moving forwards. In time, surgeons will be able to perform operations from afar using robotics.

Artificial intelligence is also set to have a major impact, as will virtual health checks. Doctors at Mercy Virtual in the US have trialled virtual check-ups with success. These are delivered using portable video devices, two-way cameras and health monitors for blood pressure and oxygenation. Mercy Virtual found that patients spent an average of 33% less time in the hospital during the trial. More importantly, deaths from septic shock were down by an incredible 60%.

Key technology trends

- Big Data will become ever-more important, as will…
- Virtual Reality-based treatments, and also…
- Artificial Intelligence

The aggregation of data is crucial. The way it can then be used to identify trends in the future is perhaps more important. To this end, big data in healthcare can create numerous benefits. For example, in-depth patient record analysis can be deployed to lower the rate of medication errors. Predictive analysis models can also help with estimates on future admission rates, thus allowing for more accurate levels of staffing.

In the US, VR technology is used to treat anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and more. For many, it represents a safer alternative to drugs. One US study even revealed that 83% of arachnophobes were more comfortable around spiders after VR treatment! The possibilities for VR seem endless, and it is sure to touch the lives of many people moving forwards.

AI is much more than just a trend. In fact, the AI-powered tools market for healthcare could exceed $34 billion by 2025. Virtual assistants and chatbots are becoming more prevalent and this will continue. AI will really gain mass traction with advances in precision medicine, however. Pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms are going to reduce ‘cookie-cutter’ treatments and offer more sophisticated and accurate diagnoses.

Digital transformation in healthcare is almost certainly set to continue. As part of theICEway, we’ll continue to provide end-to-end support to the industry. It is one we take great pride in being a part of, and we look forward to spending many more years helping out. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

Fit2go, powered by theICEway – digitalise your data capture

And finally, a word on our new IT solution for healthcare: fit2go. This offers an agile and secure method for capturing data and storing it in a single cloud-based portal.

Other key benefits include:

- Bespoke form creation
- Form management (incl. Creation, delivery & collection)
- Reporting

fit2go is suitable for any type of event and adheres in full to secure data governance procedures. It works with ‘hard copy’ and electronic vaccination certificates, travel insurance documents and required medical forms. Find out more here.

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