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Seatrade Cruise Global: The cruise industry’s premier event

by Asa Sargeant | July 28, 2021 | General News & Events, Cruise & Maritime | 0 Comments

A controversial statement perhaps, but certainly one that bears discussion. Very few cruise industry gatherings can match Seatrade Cruise Global for size and scale. The glitz and the glamour of Miami provides the perfect backdrop to an event which offers unparalleled insights and learnings. Today we reflect upon past events and look forward to the 2021 edition!

Top Tip

To attend the event in-person or virtually, visit the Seatrade Cruise website. If this is your first taste of #STCGlobal, you will not be disappointed. In our humble opinion, there are no better opportunities to meet the brightest and best from the cruise industry.

The Seatrade Cruise Experience

We are delighted to have been involved in many #STC events, with Global a particular calendar highlight. This writer first tasted the Global experience in 2019, albeit as a reader. That year, the team from ICE were in attendance and CEO Ian Richardson was on moderating duties. He has gone on to become a Seatrade Cruise Ambassador, a move that everybody on theICEway is tremendously proud of. You can read more about that 2019 experience here.

The 2020 edition was set to become an important one for theICEway. We were ready to present our new branding to the cruise world via a beautiful stand. Then, Covid-19 intervened. Our disappointment notwithstanding, we knew that there were far more important things to focus on. This blog piece from April 2020 gives an idea of our thinking at the time. Hopefully it also serves to illustrate the emphasis our team as a whole places on integrity. It is in fact one of our core values, along with people and innovation. These are also values to be found within Seatrade Cruise as an entity – one more reason we’re right behind Global 2021.

#STCGlobal 2021

This year’s event has effectively been 18 months in the making. The cruise community is keen to venture forth to Florida once again, where the Miami Beach Convention Centre awaits. The doors open on 27-30 September for “an event with all the trimmings”, as Seatrade themselves put it. Of course, not everybody will be able to travel. For those people, a virtual event experience is on offer. If you were fortunate enough to attend #STCVirtual earlier in 2021, you will know that is something to get excited about…

Meet TheICEway This September

Members of our team from ICE will be in attendance in Miami, including Ian Richardson. Seatrade Cruise Global is always one of the first things added to our calendars. We are ready to share our learnings from over 20 years in the cruise industry. We are also keen to learn from others – contact us if you would like to make an appointment or discuss how we can help you.

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