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ICE Company Day

by Conor Byrne | June 13, 2016 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

On Friday of last week, we had our latest company day. With offices in different locations, we have always placed great importance on these days as a chance to gather everyone together in one location, update each other about what is happening internally, and also spend some time getting to know each other. The team always looks forward to it, especially as they know the serious part will be followed by some rather less serious fun!

Keen to support the local community, we headed over to the local Rugby Club for the day, where we had a nice gentle start with a lovely team breakfast. We then kicked off the serious side with a presentation myself and my co-founder, Richie. We also had an announcement to make with the appointment of Nick Stephens of the RSA Group as a Non-Executive Director.

This was followed by updates from throughout the company, including finance, operational efficiency, sales & marketing, projects, service delivery, and solutions and innovations.

Naturally, after all that information, we were all beginning to feel frazzled, so it was lucky we had a Jenga tournament to wind down! Big congratulations to the winners for showing us all how it is done and being the Jenga champions – oh, and by the way that was Richie and, oh ME!! We have to lead from the front, of course!

Jonathan Else & James Reed very nearly beat us (but don’t tell them I said that)!

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