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ICE Consultancy Services Part 3

by Asa Sargeant | July 1, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

Over the past two weeks, we have looked at some of the many IT consultancy services that theICEway’s ICE Technology Services has to offer, and this week we finish off with a look at those covering system selection and procurement, and training. We will end with a selection of tips illustrating why it just might be the ideal time for you to think about outsourcing your IT needs…

At ICE Technology Services we believe in adopting an approach that is completely tailored to our clients’ needs, and one which is designed to work towards achieving their business objectives with the minimum of fuss. As IT specialists, we take particular care to ensure that we are using the most advanced tech solutions available, provided they fit in with our clients’ often wide-ranging requirements – and with vast experience in industries such as healthcare, cruise and travel and retail, we have literally seen it all.

Our dedicated, professional consultants pride themselves on an unbiased stance, too, meaning that they will always share all of the relevant information and make thoughtful, considered recommendations with zero ties to any particular suppliers.

Our comprehensive consultancy services include:

Application Lifecycle Management | Business Analysis | Data Management | Project Management | Business Intelligence Reporting | System Integration | System Selection & Procurement | Training

System Selection & Procurement

For any business to achieve even a modicum of success, it is crucial that the right platform or system is in place, from CRM through to mobile apps.

Sometimes our team discovers that a client already has a solution that suits their needs in full – they might not necessarily be making the most of it though. Other times, it becomes apparent that they need our advice and assistance in finding and procuring a new one, and our experts are more than happy to walk them through what can be a true minefield.

Our process is a highly flexible one that is adjusted with your requirements in mind, and it involves careful consideration and planning, because we know that unexpected delays and hidden costs are often par for the course. We will therefore work alongside you with diligence and patience, ensuring that core needs are identified and met, with regular progress meetings designed to keep everything on track and critically, on budget.

With more than two decades’ worth of experience in helping clients adjust to digital transformation, you can be sure that if you have taken theICEway, you have taken the right way.


A little higher up on this page, we described how a number of our clients already have the right systems but might not be getting the best use out of them – this is where our training service can help. We appreciate that a system is only as powerful as the people using it, which means that in-depth, engaging training is often required.

As well as with specific systems, our expert trainers can also offer advice on co-ordination and documentation, either on site or remotely – which has become even more effective in today’s world. We never offer ‘generic’ guidance, preferring instead to take a deep dive into your set-up until we have a good enough understanding of your processes and needs to be able to provide relevant and useful insights.

Whether you require training sessions for the entire workforce or for individuals, theICEway’s nuanced approach allows for the highly skilled ICE Technology Services trainers to deliver in full.

At the start of this article we promised some tips on outsourcing – you will find those below, in our ‘Top Tip’ section, and we look forward to having the chance to talk you through them in more detail!


theICEway – A collection of specialist IT companies that provide an end-to-end digital solution for clients in cruise & travel, retail, and healthcare: ICE Technology Services (including ICE Innovation), CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware

CRM – Customer relationship management, an approach to managing interactions with new and existing customers based upon their history. The key focus of CRM is to improve business relationships, customer retention and sales volume

Top Tip

Why outsource?

To reduce costs and to free up internal resource whilst gaining hitherto untapped access to expertise.

Why outsource now?

As above, except in an economy that is significantly weaker than it was 6 months ago.

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