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ICEbreaker April 2020

by Asa Sargeant | April 29, 2020 | | 0 Comments

The new ICEbreaker has arrived…

Coronavirus has generated unprecedented levels of chaos for us all, as we each regularly tune in to the news to find out what lies around the corner next.

We are in lock down and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, although one thing is for certain; that we must all try to stay positive and use the time as wisely as possible.

Part of that of course means we must all try to adhere to the guidelines on keeping safe, but another part of it to us here at theICEway means attempting to be as productive as we can be.

It is not nearly as important as maintaining good health but it is certainly a pursuit that has kept our team focused and our collective spirits high. Many of you will have also read the recent blog pieces from the ICE Technology Services Innovation Hub, detailing some of our team members’ remote working routines; if you haven’t and you fancy some quick and interesting reads, you can find them here.

So, this past six weeks or so has seen us continue helping clients old and new in healthcare, cruise and in travel, and we have also rebooted our monthly ICEbreaker and developed a shiny new logo for theICEway – which has yet to be launched and is actually an ICEbreaker exclusive!

Another exclusive this month sees us unveiling our new US office, helmed by Angel Moledo, and we have also chosen our pick of this month’s articles from ICE Technology Services, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware for you:

Circumnavigating theICEway

Conor Byrne takes a trip down memory lane as he recounts the development of theICEway – in his garden shed.

Critical healthcare institutions targeted by Cyber-criminals

Interpol recently warned organisations on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 to be wary of ransomware attacks.

Meet the eTestware Mascot

Here we focus upon Bacon, perhaps the cutest dog in canine history, and the effect he has had on the eTestware team.

Take a look at the latest edition of the ICEbreaker here... Enjoy!

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