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Is there such thing as being too careful with internet security?

by Owen Redmond | November 25, 2014 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

If a company isn’t careful, IT systems can be often left completely exposed to malware and viruses. One security breach is all it takes for a specifically designed threat to interrupt and destroy items on a user’s computers and company servers, causing a company’s revenue and profit to be impeached.

The clean-up efforts made to halt the spread of these dangerous online infections are not only expensive but also time consuming as repair is a long process of quarantine and detection, often reverting only to the failsafe of backup files, that if aren’t present, can cause potential fatal consequences for a business.

Recently ICE engineers have come face-to-face with these sort of threats, infecting entire systems, attacking from suspect online websites, emails and both legal and illegal downloads.  Because of a lack of investment in proper security software, and cutting corners on IT budgets, this company experienced corrupted files and computers have caused a company to be brought to their knees through malicious software infestations.

Cutting corners may save money today, but can cost large amounts of time and money in the future.

The case of ‘it’s better to be safe rather than sorry’ could not be more relevant within the spheres of computer protection and security. The importance of protection is huge with malware bespoke to cause indiscriminate harm to IT systems and subsequently businesses.

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