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Seaware software specialist James Barr: 1 year on

by Asa Sargeant | March 22, 2023 | Cruise & Maritime, Q&A | 0 Comments

A little over 12 months ago we brought James Barr on board at theICEway. We published an article in March 2022 introducing the Seaware software specialist. Our Q&A session back then was brief but interesting and here we sit with him again to review his first 12 months with us.

Read “Seaware specialist James Barr: Welcome to theICEway”.

An Eventful Year

12 months ago, James was delighted to be joining “a great team [with] a terrific work ethic”. Based out of our Miami office, he was brought on to participate in a number of Seaware implementation and other technology projects.

James, how has your first year with theICEway played out?

“Over the past year I have been extremely lucky to see how different Seaware is being used based on the company’s cruise market. This exposure allows me to look at the broader picture and bring my expertise when consulting. The networks I am able to build from this exposure will benefit all parties as I can take the ideas I’ve learned and mould them into specific use cases for each client.”

Do you feel that you have learnt much over the past 12 months?

“I have learnt more in my trade this year then I have learnt probably in the last three years. The ideology from theICEway is what I attribute this towards. I have been given the tools and freedom to learn how best I see fit. I have also been given additional exposure within the industry along with excellent training materials to work with.”

When we spoke last, you mentioned that the people were well informed. Has that helped you also?

“Definitely, there is a great work ethic in the company as a whole. Everybody pitches in together. The level of knowledge is really high and the collaborative nature in the offices means we’re always bouncing ideas around.

“When we spoke last year, I was getting up to speed on everything and I felt I would be busy for quite a while. That certainly was and is the case now, and I’m still very happy with how things are going.”

TheICEway: An IT Services Specialist In Welwyn Garden City

“I went to our UK HQ in Welwyn Garden City last Summer and that really cemented the idea of what theICEway is. It is a team of individuals that come together and share their IT knowledge for the benefit of our clients. After all, if we can help our clients out that will only make us stronger.”

James Barr has been an IT consultant in the cruise industry for over 10 years. He took his first steps towards becoming a Seaware software specialist at AmaWaterways and has never looked back. James will be joining various members of our team at the Seatrade Cruise Global event next week. If you are attending then you can meet with them at booth #207. If you have yet to register for STC Global 2023, you can do so using theICEway’s unique discount code.


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