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Top tech trends 2021 (the year to date)

by Asa Sargeant | August 18, 2021 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

Technology has evolved tremendously over the years and so today we’re looking at top tech trends 2021. As part of theICEway, we have always embraced innovation. This is an ethos shared by many in IT, for which rapid evolution is no stranger. Recent years have seen that evolution moving ever quicker. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a huge uptake in remote working and working from home (WFH) last year, for example. This then had a knock-on effect upon IoT usage, cyber security practices and so much more.

Top Trending Technologies

The last few years have seen the emergence of technologies including:

- Machine learning
- Virtual reality & augmented reality (VR & AR)
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Blockchain
- Cyber security

Machine Learning

This is being embraced by a growing list of industries. The subset of AI, it is essentially an automated method of data analysis whereby systems learn to identify patterns in data and then make decisions with minimal human involvement. It is often used in internet search engines and on websites featuring personalised recommendations. Many of us will interact with it regularly, via apps on phones such as voice recognition.

Virtual Reality

VR immerses the user within an environment, whilst AR enhances their environment. The gaming industry has dominated this particular tech trend but it has also been used for training purposes by the US military. Moving forwards, it is not unreasonable to assume that the two will be deployed to a far greater effect and by numerous industries.

Internet Of Things

We published this article on the enabling effects of IoT back in June 2021. A very hot topic in the IT world in recent years, it is undoubtedly one of the most important tech developments ever. And this is only the beginning, as many forecasts suggest that by 2030 circa 50 billion IoT devices will be in use around the world. Global spending on IoT is forecast to surpass 1 trillion U.S. dollars next year (2022).


This is most commonly thought of alongside cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin). Simply put, it is data that cannot be changed nor taken away from. You add to it, thus creating a chain of data. The lack of ability to make changes makes it very secure, and as it is consensus-driven, no one entity can control the data and there is no need for a trusted third-party to validate transactions.

Cyber Security

A vital area of IT and one we take very seriously at ICE. In fact, every project theICEway is involved with is infused with a security by design methodology via our CRIBB brand – more on that below.

Cyber security seems to have been trending for a while, and that is due to the fact that cyber-crime is constantly evolving. Security efforts must then evolve alongside that to combat the many threats posed by hackers, for example. The need for #cyberawareness has never been so high; global cyber security spend will hit $6 trillion in 2021.

Top Tip: CRIBB Cyber Security, Part Of TheICEway Ecosystem

Our cyber security arm is but a handful of clicks away – contact them to discuss everything from ISO 27001 certification to their ‘Data Protection Officer as a service’ offering.

What Other Noteworthy Trends Are There?

- Edge computing

Any article on the top tech trends 2021 would be missing a beat without mentioning edge computing. It doesn’t seem long ago that Cloud computing was the next ‘big thing’ to watch out for. It has certainly grown exponentially; the marketplace is now dominated by AWS and Microsoft Azure. Edge computing though, is the new key emerging trend to keep an eye on. This is because the cloud sometimes experiences issues such as latency when dealing with large volumes of data.

Edge computing solves these problems. It acts as mini data centres in situations requiring time-sensitive data processing in remote locations with limited connectivity. As the use of IoT devices grows, so then will edge computing. In fact, by next year the edge computing market could reach almost $7 billion.

So there you have it, top tech trends 2021. Did we miss anything out? If you think we did, leave a comment below. If you would like to speak with one of our IT specialists, contact us.

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