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How technology can drive people to take a cruise

Cruise holidays are an excellent option for those seeking to explore the world in a unique and exciting way. However, with a huge range of cruising options available, choosing one can be a difficult task. Historically, cruising has also been viewed by many as a niche activity. Something that is making it easier for cruise lines to grow their customer base nowadays is technology. Here we look at exactly how technology can drive people to take a cruise.

Personalised Experiences

Cruise lines are increasingly looking to analyse traveller preferences so that they can tailor their offering to individual tastes. This level of personalisation is expected these days, and it can certainly improve the guest experience. It can also encourage repeat bookings and allow cruise lines to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

AI-Powered Recommendations & Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms allow cruise lines to analyse preferences and then suggest personalised experiences matching guest interests. By using AI to create recommendations, the overall customer experience can be augmented and as AI tech evolves, it will become even more sophisticated and effective. Predictive Analytics is also becoming particularly important for cruise lines, especially with loyalty programmes. Through tracking customer behaviour, the most loyal ones can be identified and then suitable offers and rewards can be sent to them. Post-cruise feedback is another powerful tool in this vein, generating useful data via surveys (for example).

Virtual Reality Tours & Mobile Apps

VR technology allows potential cruise guests to preview a ship and its amenities before they make a booking. VR tours can deliver realistic, immersive experiences that make people feel as though they are actually on board a ship. It is perhaps no surprise then to learn that first-time cruisers are finding this particularly useful. Unlike VR tech, mobile apps have been an essential tool for modern-day travellers for many years. The ‘whys’ behind this are numerous; for example, booking and check-in processes are made more efficient, plus information about on board activities and dining options is more readily available. Add to these real-time updates and cruise apps that offer guests a digital key and it becomes difficult to see how cruise holidaymakers survived all those years ago!

How Technology Can Drive People To Take A Cruise

We have gone through a mere handful of examples showing how much easier it is for cruise lines to grow their passenger numbers via the use of tech. In addition to those mentioned here, there are also efforts in social media marketing and sustainability to consider. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube can all be leveraged to engage with people in real-time. Clean energy tech such as solar and wind power plus alternative energy sources such as Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) are also persuading more people to consider going on a cruise. Bold as it may be, it can certainly be said that technology is revolutionising the cruise industry.

Read the original article in full, “How Can Technology Persuade People To Take A Cruise?”, at the Seatrade Cruise website.

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