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ICE and Stepping Stone WTM success

by Owen Redmond | November 10, 2014 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

The WTM proved, once again, to be a massive success for ICE ICT for the second year running.

The massive four day event saw a series of invaluable meetings with companies hoping to make the most of their businesses IT systems through independent, impartial and expert ICT solutions.

The WTM allowed ICE to touch base and extend its reach across many of the travel technology companies across the show, creating opportunities to connect and share new and exciting ideas throughout the travel industry, extending the experience and expertise of ICE and Stepping Stone.

The WTM served to be a further addition to the twenty years of experience throughout the travel industry, enhancing the company’s knowledge and expertise by discovering and meeting a diverse range of travel merchants with a range of requirements for their ICT services of which ICE are determined to tackle.

If you have any questions regarding the WTM or would like to organize a meeting regarding ICE or Stepping stone please call Owen Redmond on  0203 3226911, or alternatively please email for any enquiries.





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