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IT in healthcare in 2007

by Asa Sargeant | December 8, 2021 | ICE: 15 years in IT for cruise | 0 Comments

Next year, ICE turns 15 and as the health sector is important to us, we decided to look back at IT in healthcare in 2007. What was the state of play for healthcare services in the UK and indeed, worldwide?

How Tech Is Changing Healthcare Now

Before we revisit the past we must first explore what technology is doing in healthcare now. Here then are some examples of how it is changing the industry in our present:

- Artificial intelligence (AI)
- Virtual reality (VR)
- Augmented reality (AR)
- Wearables, trackers and sensors
- Genome sequencing
- Pharmaceutical development
- Robotics

AI algorithms can mine medical records, design treatment plans and also create drugs quickly and efficiently. VR is used for training and also by surgeons to practice operations. A real gamechanger, VR headsets are now being deployed to provide women with soothing landscapes during childbirth. AR is similar but adds a greater sense of reality when used to train future surgeons.

Our work in the cruise industry has put us in close contact with wearable tech and sensors, both of which are also being used in healthcare. Many people use apps to monitor their health and during workouts.

The Human Genome Project holds enormous potential – in the near future, it may be possible to purchase genetic tests for less than blood tests in the US!

Pharma companies are using AI to develop new drugs and therapeutic solutions in record time. Whilst cutting costs and speeding up the time to market, they are also crucially saving lives.

Robotics is one of healthcare’s fastest-growing tech fields. The many developments include robot companions, surgical robots and disinfectant robots.

IT In Healthcare In 2007

15 years ago, the sector was rather different although tech was still heavily involved. Take these “examples of changes in [medical] technology” from a 2007 blog* as a case in point:

- New medical and surgical procedures (e.g., angioplasty, joint replacements)
- Drugs (e.g., biologic agents)
- Medical devices (e.g., CT scanners, implantable defibrillators)
- New support systems (e.g., electronic medical records and transmission of information, telemedicine)

*Source: Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)


IT in healthcare in 2007 may have been light years away from what we have now but it was no less important. In this crucial sector perhaps more than most, technology is key in gaining efficiencies. As IT specialists ourselves, we know the value it can bring when used correctly. Thankfully, healthcare organisations are quick to embrace innovation. After all, it is the way forward…

As part of theICEway ecosystem, ICE has been a managed services provider in healthcare for many years. We have deployed our IT consultancy skills for both public and private healthcare organisations. We’re proud of the work we continue to do in such an important industry. We’re even prouder still of the efforts our team put in during the pandemic. If you need assistance or IT support, we’d be delighted to welcome you on board.

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