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Outsourced dry dock IT support

by Asa Sargeant | January 20, 2022 | Cruise & Maritime, Products & Services | 0 Comments

Our IT specialists have spent years working in the cruise industry. As part of our offering, we provide outsourced dry dock IT support. Today we take a closer look at what that entails, with a breakdown of dry docking for the laymen amongst you.

What Is The Purpose Of Dry Docking?

A dry dock is an area in which vessels are manoeuvred via a lock. Dry docking describes the process for repairing ships once they are taken to a service yard. The entire ship is effectively brought onto dry land so that the hull can be cleaned or inspected.

Typically, dry docking is completed every 12 to 24 months. This is due to the fact that there are certain systems and machinery that cannot be stopped while the ship is in use. These are then also tackled within the dry dock process.

Standard’ dry dock steps

- The hull is cleaned of marine plants
- It is then painted with anti-corrosive and anti-fouling paints
- A thorough hull inspection is carried out to identify repairs
- Shipside gratings are cleaned and repaired
- Tanks are also cleaned and surveyed
- The rudder and carrier ring are examined
- Locking devices clearances are also examined
- Overboard and sea suction valves are overhauled
- The tail shaft is removed for inspection and then tail shaft bearing wear down is also examined
- The anchor chain is inspected then cleaned and re-marked

Dry Dock IT Support

As well as the ship itself and the mechanics behind it, all IT-based systems must be checked at dry dock. The IT professionals at ICE have worked on many dry dock projects, during which they have worked on various tasks including:

- Setting up and configuring e-Cruise systems
- Vendor management
- Completing background systems validations
- Supporting other application owners with deployment
- Supporting ships with Shipboard Property Management Systems (SPMS)
- Deploying hardware including POS systems, work stations and monitors
- Setting up and deploying PRTG monitoring systems including probes for database and network connectivity
- Consulting on network infrastructure including firewalls
- Providing advice and guidance with cyber security for cruise ships (via our CRIBB Cyber Security brand)
- Assisting with software testing where necessary (via our eTestware brand)

In the months ahead, we will aim to feature more content on these tasks as well as some of the other IT services we provide. If you would like to know about specific IT solutions then leave a message in the comments section below.

Post-pandemic, we have been helping cruise lines with their ‘Return to sailing’ (RTS) efforts. We’re delighted to contribute towards propelling the cruise industry back to its pre-Covid heights.

Why Outsource?

The benefits can be huge, including:

- Gaining access to additional expertise
- Only paying for hours / services used
- Freeing up internal resources
- Injecting a new perspective into the organisation

Outsourcing your IT requirements can be painless if you choose the right partner. It is important to view the outsourced vendor as a partner, because that way a true collaboration can be put in motion. Everybody at theICEway embraces this ethos and we take the time to understand you and your organisation.

Interested to find out more? Our cruise IT experts are always happy to talk about what they can do to help you. Alternatively, if you require outsourced dry dock IT support then contact us and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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