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Social media in cruise

by Asa Sargeant | February 8, 2023 | Cruise & Maritime | 0 Comments

Social media arrived in the US in the 1990’s and has since exploded across the globe. In many ways it has come to define how we both live and work, actually changing the way businesses behave whilst also giving rise to brand new organisations. It is clear that to ignore social is to make a very brave / silly move. And so we come to cruise, often viewed as being a very antiquated industry, and yet one which is also embracing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media in cruise has most certainly had a significant impact and here we look at that in more detail.

Read the original article on the Seatrade Cruise website, “The rise of social media in cruise”.

Social Media Facts

- An average person uses up to 7 different social networks each month
- On average, adults use social media for up to 95 minutes each day
- Facebook made up 25% of all US digital ad spend in 2020
- Instagram streaming services have an 81% engagement rate
- LinkedIn ad revenue exceeded $1 billion in 2021

Social Media And Cruising

Cruise lines have embraced social media as a way to both connect with customers and to also engage in brand promotion. Most, if not all, have official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. They use these platforms to share information and to respond to customer enquiries and concerns in real-time. It can be argued that social media in cruise has also helped to make cruise holidays more appealing to younger people. More content now originates from on board, and social media is a huge touchpoint throughout the whole cruise holiday experience.

Content On Board And Cruise Marketing

There are many different types of content being regularly generated on a cruise ship, such as:

- Videos and photos of the ship and the destinations visited
- Live updates and video footage of on board activities
- Reviews and recommendations
- Personal traveller stories and experiences

This content brings with it a wealth of benefits for those enjoying the cruise and for others. The role it plays in generating ‘word-of-mouth’ cannot be overstated either.

Disney’s Avengers Academy

Disney Cruise Line ships are already reaping the benefits of this themed activity programme for children. Inspired by the Marvel superhero team, the programme gives children the chance to “train” like their favourite heroes. They can also enjoy activities such as games, challenges, and interactive workshops. Perhaps more importantly, for the little ones at least, children can meet and interact with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and more. The key point in all of this is that the Avengers Academy is perfect for social media. Which parent does not want to share images of their children standing next to Captain America?!


Social media offers cruise lines an easy way to showcase their ships, destinations, and onboard experiences. A new type of travel experience known as “social media cruising” has also emerged in recent years. This trend will certainly continue in the future as more ships gain better Wi-Fi connectivity. Social is most definitely here to stay!

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