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Technology projects explained

by Asa Sargeant | April 19, 2023 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

In recent weeks we have offered definitions on our core IT pillars. In ‘Technology projects explained’, we address what is a fairly straightforward one on the surface. However, as we shall see, there is a lot more to it than initially meets the eye.

Tech Projects According To theICEway

The Oxford Languages dictionary definition for ‘project’ is: “An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.”

Our Project Management Office (PMO) is built upon collaboration. We have developed and honed our framework and skills through years of intricate project work. A lot of this work has been completed within the cruise industry, meaning that our IT experts are no strangers to overcoming complex challenges. The aforementioned framework is very much tried and tested, and built around mixed PRINCE2 and agile methodologies.

We adopt a process-based approach, initially sitting with our clients to understand their business model. The PMO then works through various questions with them so that a detailed plan of action can be created. This is fully aligned with core business and organisational objectives, which means that we can very much help take you to the next level. Our extensive technology project offering includes:

- System Selection Assistance / RFP Assistance
- Business Requirements Gathering & Business Process Mapping
- Digital Transformation Consultancy
- Client-Side Project Management
- Go-Live Support
- Business Rules Development
- System Implementations
- Shipboard IT implementations (we have also completed numerous dry dock projects since 2007)
- Outsourced Software Testing*

*Software testing services are completed via our eTestware brand.

Example Projects: Seaware, Cloud Migration & Return To Sea Support

- Seaware go-live support

A recent client of ours required a team of application experts to assist them with a go-live transition. The transition was a complete cut over, requiring many hands on deck to deal with the multiple challenges that arose.

- Return to service support

Post-COVID 19, another of our clients required a team of on-board engineers to deploy newly upgraded technology. They were also tasked with ensuring all ship systems were fully restored prior to their first sailings. Our engineers augmented the internal team, helping deploy on to 10 of their ships over a 3 month period.

- AWS to Google Cloud application migration

We recently assisted a client with preparing and then moving their critical booking system from AWS hosting to Google Cloud. The complexity involved separating the applications’ reliance on AWS service infrastructure, then recreating this within the Google Cloud framework.

Additional Projects: Cruise, Travel & Software Testing

- Our ICE brand was tasked with delivering a full system review and then recommending technology for new ships for Saga Cruises

- We were then asked to help a large travel company with system selection

- theICEway’s eTestware brand provided a software testing service for Creuna (now part of Knowit)

Saga wanted to build 2 new ships in 2 years and required the right technology for the job. They wanted a future proof solution which would be suitable for their business and then allow them to improve operational efficiency. A high level of customer service would also need to be maintained during the project, which entailed actions including:

- Completing a thorough review of all manual processes and existing technology
- Mapping out workflows
- Detailed gap analysis
- Optimising existing tech and then proposing new solutions

A large travel company was aware that they wanted to change their core bookings system. They engaged theICEway and 12 months later, a new system was fully implemented into one of their business units. This project involved actions such as:

- Undertaking an analysis of all business processes
- Gathering requirements
- Preparing RFP documentation so the company could go to market
- Additional support was provided during the system selection process

Providing software testing for customer experience specialists is quite the task. Just ask the eTestware team, who also had to then work from Creuna’s offices! They performed admirably, with notable project action points as follows:

- A complete on-boarding process
- Full integration with the Creuna / Knowit team
- A comprehensive QA testing plan was drawn up with clear, concise documentation


The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Tech Projects

As outsourced IT specialists, we have often extolled the virtues of outsourcing but here are a few key wins:

- Increase your own in-house efficiencies
- Develop new skills
- Allow your own teams to focus on other core business activities
- Give your organisation a real competitive advantage
- Save money

‘Technology projects explained’ has hopefully shed some light on a crucial part of our overall IT offering. This particular aspect of what we can deliver is one that has saved organisations large and small both time and money. We’re very proud of every project we have collaborated on, and in particular the many tech projects for cruise.

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