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ICE Remote Routines Round-Up

by Asa Sargeant | April 15, 2020 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

Over the last few weeks we have heard about remote working routines from some of our team, and today is the turn of – well, me! That’s right, I shall re-cap what the others have said before revealing details on my own routine so sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

Before we get into it though, let’s just have a quick reminder as to why everybody on theICEway is working remotely; it is approaching 10 am on Tuesday 14th April 2020, and the top three most read news headlines for the UK are as follows:

- Elderly being ‘airbrushed’ out of virus figures
- Trump claims ‘total’ power to lift virus lockdown
- Gyms face legal action over rent

Where to start?

I am reluctant to click through to the landing pages for these but will do so in order to provide some context. The first is a story about how the published death toll numbers do not contain those people who have passed away in care homes, outside of hospitals – meaning that the actual figures are going to be even higher. The second describes a slight altercation between US President Donald Trump and the US media, highlighting the confusion over when to lift lock down measures faced by the various states and those in control. The third tells us that nearly 3,000 gyms in the UK face closure over unpaid rent – on the surface, this one feels like a ‘puff’ piece when compared to the other most read stories but let’s just take a moment to consider the key points from all three:

- More people are dying from COVID-19 than we think
- The US, the most powerful nation in the world, is in a state of confusion
- Gyms, part of an historically robust business model, are struggling to stay afloat

Make no mistake, these are very serious circumstances we find ourselves in and whilst you may feel a sense of helplessness, the most important point to consider from the list above is the first one. People are dying. We can help stem the spread of this Coronavirus by staying at home, adopting social distancing measures and by following the rules. That means we can help slow the death rate, so please join all of us here at theICEway in doing just that.

We are working remotely to stay safe, like so many of you, and one of the best ways to cope with this is to establish a routine – just like many of our team have.

ICE Remote Routines – The story so far

A few weeks ago, Lois told us about ‘being in the zone’ and how she was having to help her teenage son with his own routine for completing schoolwork at home. She described how long walks had replaced her commute and how she and the family as a whole planned on stepping up their keep fit efforts… We shall have to catch up with her again to find out if that has happened!

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Back on April 1st we looked at what Owen and James had been up to during the lock down, with the former talking about family dinners and power naps, and the latter creating a gym in his own back garden – using garden chairs and sandbags!

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This past weekend we heard about how Freddy is trying to lose a little weight and improve his immune system, whilst Laura is diving into regular Accounts conference calls in a bid to forget about missing out on watching Wrestlemania live…

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Remote Routine #6 – Asa

Today is my turn.

I must admit to not having one set, daily routine, rather I have a series of routines that tend to unfurl at different times of the day depending upon my mood and what I am working on.
For example, I have always tried to stay in shape with morning cardio and weight training sessions, and these have remained in place so far but at different times – this morning, I finished my cardio work but have yet to pick up a dumbbell in earnest… (That will happen once I have finished this article!)

I’m making a point of walking around my flat once I have finished a piece of work too, just to get the blood flowing, something I never did in the office but fully intend to put into effect once we are back. I’m also switching my laptop off for 20 minutes whilst I eat lunch because it is good to ‘tune out’, before playing a quick game of Solitaire pre-afternoon work session – who doesn’t like a good card game?!

So there you have it, not particularly exciting but these little things are helping me stay sane. I think.

Top Tip

Make sure you take breakfast and lunch breaks away from your PC / laptop, not only will it help you to unwind and ultimately stay in focus, but it will also keep your keyboard nice and clean!!

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