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Minimising food waste at sea (Tech Talks #1)

by Asa Sargeant | February 23, 2023 | Cruise & Maritime, Q&A | 0 Comments

theICEway has teamed up with Seatrade Cruise to develop a series of Tech Talks podcasts. The pilot episode is all about environmental sustainability in cruise. More specifically, it looks at minimising food waste at sea. Seatrade Cruise Technology Ambassador, Ian Richardson, chats with Iain Milnes, Founder and CEO of Power Knot Oceans. Join them using the link below as they discuss Power Knot’s innovative biodigester machines.

Listen to the Tech Talks pilot episode.

Power Knot

Power Knot design, develop, and then manufacture waste solution products. They have a company mission to “provide safe and economically sound solutions”. Their products are tried and tested, having been in reliable use for years, and include:

- LFC Biodigester (a machine typically positioned in commercial kitchens, which digests food waste and keeps organic material out of landfills)
- LFC Cloud (a continuous data analytics system that tracks carbon dioxide offset and the amount of waste weighed)

On ships, the LFC biodigesters ensure that organic waste can be safely disposed of with no possibility of plastics entering the ocean. The solution actively tackles problems of organic waste on vessels while meeting MARPOL regulations. At present, there are hundreds of machines deployed across cruise ships, cargo ships, FSR use tankers and mega yachts.

Read more about Power Knot’s environmentally-friendly products on the official website.

Podcast Highlights

In the first episode, Ian Richardson uncovers how Power Knot’s LFC Biodigester solution works. His discussion with Iain Milnes reveals how it can help with food waste disposal and minimisation. They go on to cover how data and the LFC Cloud solution can then be used by cruise lines to store data on waste production. This can be used to compare their entire fleet, enabling them to reduce waste produced on board more effectively.

Key Q&As

Ian Richardson (IR): “… How much food goes to waste on ships?”

Iain Milnes (IM): “For a typical cruise ship, you’re talking about 1 kilogram per passenger per day… a cruise ship with 2500 people… on board would have about 2500 kilograms total organic waste per day.”

IR: “… How do they actually work, these biodigesters?”

IM: “[The] biodigester is like a big stainless steel stomach… and it is constantly eating the waste food. It uses micro organisms [in the] digestion. These are naturally occurring micro organisms so they’re safe to handle and they are inside the drum of the machine. [The] operator would simply throw the waste food into the machine, close the lid, walk away and come back and put more [in]. And later on, the machine is constantly digesting, and constantly turning that waste into water, which can then be safely discharged.”

IR: “… What’s your vision for Power Knot and the bio digestion industry?”

IM: “It’s something that every cruise ship should be having. There’s no doubt about it. They shouldn’t be discharging ground up waste, possibly with plastic, into the ocean.”

Meet Power Knot & theICEway at Seatrade Cruise Global

Environmental sustainability in cruise is an increasingly hot topic. Minimising food waste at sea is then a vital aspect in this overall effort, and Power Knot are leading the way. You can visit Iain Milnes and his team plus also theICEway all at Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale this March. Due to take place between Monday 27th and Thursday 30th, Power Knot are at booth #575 and we are at booth #207!

We will be releasing more Tech Talks episodes in the months ahead. If you would like to participate then contact Marketing at theICEway with your suggested discussion topic(s).

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