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STC Global Tech panels 2022: Cloud, data & more

by Asa Sargeant | June 15, 2022 | General News & Events, Cruise & Maritime | 0 Comments

The end of April saw the first ‘live’ edition of STC Global in three years. theICEway was there to manage a booth and also the inaugural Interactive Tech Zone. This was produced in partnership with Seatrade Cruise and proved to be a popular feature on the show floor. Also well received were the STC Global Tech panels 2022, with theICEway’s co-founders on moderating duties. Today we look at some select questions, answers and quotes from the Wednesday sessions and also offer you the chance to watch the videos for each one.

Tech Talk From The Top

Moderator: Ian Richardson (IR: CEO & Co-founder, theICEway)

Panellists: Luca Pronzati (LP: MSC Cruises), Jay Schneider (JS: Royal Caribbean Group)

Question (IR): “… The first question I want to just pose to you… is… has COVID been good for innovation or not so good for innovation?”

Answer (LP): “… COVID has been for us… good and bad, it depends from which angles [you look at it].

“… Technology has played another key role in supporting the restart.

“… Innovation is clearly supporting the growth of the business and the company, enabling a new experience, elevating the experience.”

Answer (JS): “I think the pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for innovation.

“… It’s made us work smarter and to a lot of degrees harder.

“… It has bolstered innovation because it’s made us think about problems in a completely different way.”

How To Use Data To Drive Innovation And Improve Customer Experience

Moderator: Stan Schmal (SS: Director, Data Analytics Consulting, LHIND US)

Panellists: Kellay Buckelew (KB, NCLH), Matthew Denesuk (MD, Royal Caribbean Group), John Harvey (JH, Holland America Line), Francesco Pugliese (FP, MSC Cruises)


“‘Nine out of ten innovations are data driven’ was a title of a recent article in the cruise journal.” (SS)

“… [In cruise] there’s real opportunities to get a complete 360 view of how to make an experience better for people. Whether it’s tracking people density and… how they’re flowing and trying to do different kinds of optimizations to avoid… having crowds to make the queue shorter [or] to give people relevant information at the right point.” (MD)

How To Use Cloud Technology To Drive Efficiency And Improve Cust Engagement

Moderator: Conor Byrne (CB: Co-Founder, theICEway)

Panellists: Daniele Buonaiuto (DB, MSC Cruises), Ole-Marius Moe-Helgeson (OM, Hurtigruten Group), Paul Scusa (PS, Disney Cruise Line)


“I think the very first challenge is to give you another representation of what is cloud today… fundamentally the companies are now investing no more in the infrastructure up front but they are investing in capacity and capacity is available on demand.” (DB)

“[A] gentlemen from Source Toad was talking about AI and ML… there’s components of those that are amazing in a public cloud environment but how do we bring some of those on board? More and more cloud providers are creating libraries that can be used in your… private cloud to accomplish the same capabilities.” (PS)

Safety At Sea: The Role Of Medical Systems On Board

Moderator: Conor Byrne (as above)

Panellists: Andrew Carricarte (AC, Triton Software Corporation), Bruno Sicard (BS, Ponant)


“There’s nothing better than a good IT system to manage [a] large amount of medical data.” (BS)

“… Right now we are editing our 38th version of our COVID directive and only a good IT system can provide you with flexibility in updating your system. But it can also improve diagnostic, and the earlier the diagnostic then the earlier the treatment.” (BS)

This STC Global Tech panels 2022 piece offers a mere glimpse at what was a fantastic day of IT discussions. If you would like to see more content on this then navigate to our 2022 Tech Talk Panels page. There you will find the videos for each session listed above in full – enjoy!

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