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Traveltech 2021 (FKA Travel Technology Europe)

by Asa Sargeant | September 22, 2021 | General News & Events | 0 Comments

Last week saw the successful completion of the TravelTech Show 2021. ICE was delighted when co-founder and MD of theICEway and CRIBB Cyber Security, Conor Byrne, was invited to participate. He appeared on a panel discussion entitled, “The new cybersecurity threats: how will you cope?”. Today we look at some of the key takeaways from what was an interesting discussion and give you the chance to watch the video.

Whatever Happened To TTE?

Travel Technology Europe started out 18 years ago as a niche travel and tech exhibition based in London. Then, in 2019, it was acquired by the Northstar Travel Group. They decided to power the event using their internationally-recognised media brand Phocuswright. The Traveltech Show was thus born.

The team from ICE have attended this popular travel industry gathering for many years. You can read about some of our 2014 experiences in this TTE 2015 preview piece.

Then, in what was to be our final TTE appearance, we were thrilled to be taking a stand at the 2019 edition. The name may have changed, as may the times, but theICEway was represented again this year, by our CRIBB brand.

“The New Cybersecurity Threats” Panel

Conor Byrne was joined in the discussion by Emma Philpott MBE from The IASME Consortium. The panel was chaired by freelance journalist Mark Frary, also Co-director at Businesstravelwire. You can view it on YouTube here and read some of the key takeaways here:

- Ransomware and phishing attacks are hugely prominent nowadays
- These are ‘scatter gun’ attacks, where malicious links are sent to thousands of recipients who then unwittingly become victims
- Covid has augmented cyber-crimes and security incidents
- WFH has also added vulnerabilities as home routers and data flow between the home user and the company are new targets
- Many organisations are unaware of incidents unless they have taken some form of action to become cyber aware
- No matter the size of an organisation, it is critical to take some basic precautions
- Following security frameworks such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, you will improve your cyber resilience
- Cyber Essentials questions are available for free on the IASME website
- Organisations such as CRIBB Cyber Security are then specifically designed to help those who need further assistance

CRIBB Cyber Security & A Unique Opportunity

There has been a lot of interest received by CRIBB in the aftermath of Traveltech 2021. Their cyber security experts have spoken with lots of organisations seeking help with their defences. As such, they have decided to offer a free, 1-hour cyber security and cyber-risk consultation for a limited period only.

FOC Cyber Security And Cyber-Risk Consultations

Are you looking to become more cyber resilient? Do you need assurance on your current compliance levels? Our friends at CRIBB Cyber Security can help. Contact them now for a free consultation with an expert who will evaluate your current IT Security set-up and provide you with recommendations to help make improvements.

CRIBB Cyber Security is an official, UK Government-backed certification body and an integral part of theICEway ecosystem. Through them we can inject our efforts with a security by design approach. They specialise in governance, compliance, data protection and more. They have a wide range of cyber security services designed to minimise risk and to safeguard your organisation.

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