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Business Decision Support & Analysis

The experienced business analysts at ICE can help with business process mapping and design, gap analysis, ROI analysis and a whole lot more.

We adopt an holistic methodology when looking at your business. This allows us to identify potential improvements in existing processes and with current IT systems. We monitor the way these are used to search for opportunities to minimise inefficiency. We can also support you with organisational structure and with staff development, in line with our own core values.


Business Intelligence Reporting & Data Management

We fully appreciate that reporting is entirely specific to your needs.

As part of theICEway ecosystem, we have seen a huge growth in digital transformation through our work in the cruise industry. This is becoming true across most, if not all, industries. The march towards total digitalisation continues at pace, with IT systems now far more complex than ever before.

Understanding how to access and use ‘big data’ is vital for companies of any size. Our IT experts have worked tirelessly with clients to ensure that they have the right data at the right time.

We can help you with data warehousing plus management and operational reporting, formatting all data as you need it. We can automate these processes for you once we are all happy that it works the way you need it to.

When it comes to data management, ICE’s data processing team are second to none. Carefully selected and highly trained, they can deliver a quality service that includes loading, migrating and maintenance. Whether you need them to fully manage your data for you or to provide support for your own people, they’ll be happy to help.


Client-side Project & Programme Management

Our Project Management Office (PMO) has been built over two decades and consists of experienced project managers. Our work with clients in cruise, travel and healthcare has seen us navigating through complex projects, which has allowed for the development of a truly robust framework.

We have a proven track record of bringing resources together and controlling budgets effectively. Our adoption of a PRINCE2 methodology has reduced overruns whilst increasing efficiency and output. Projects are unique and vary but we are proud to have contributed towards a consistent increase in the quality of products released from our clients.

Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of projects delivered and a reduced risk. Our repeatable processes encompass clear and concise communication between project teams and key stakeholders. We are able to set the correct expectations from the outset, and our PMs always adhere to our core values: people, integrity and innovation.


Complex System Implementations

Our IT Consultants have helped many clients find the right systems to fulfil their business requirements. Be it a CRM solution, a reservations system or technology to facilitate online booking, our knowledge encompasses all of these and more.

The implementation stage is a crucial one and our highly flexible processes can be fully customised to suit your needs. Our experience in the cruise industry has seen us working with multiple, complex systems, and has enabled us to develop an agile approach.

We will initially work with your senior team to analyse core business needs, before helping you to correctly implement a system that will deliver on those.

Our model meets with best practices and incorporates regular meetings to discuss progress and ensure we are on the same page from the first day to the last.


System Integration

Nowadays, organisations benefit from the use of numerous systems to help them reach their objectives. It is rare to find a single solution that covers everything, and so integrating these systems together becomes critical.

Our experts have vast experience with this, and can work with you to define, implement and maintain all integrations in an effective manner.

We will save you time and deliver solid, reliable integrations with all internal and external systems, allowing you to focus upon the smooth delivery of products to your clients.



A critical part of the development process, testing is nevertheless often viewed as being a luxury item. As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, we are delighted to be able to call upon experienced software testing teams.

This includes those from our eTestware brand, which is based in e-Estonia – known by many as the Silicon Valley of Europe for its outstanding grasp of technology.

Functional testing is designed to verify whether or not software conforms to the requirements laid out at the beginning of the development lifecycle. Without it, it is unclear how the end user will react to the product – which is of course the core objective.

Our efforts in this vital area incorporate both manual and automated testing and over many years we have helped clients save money, time, and more importantly, reputation.



In our experience, organisations often have the right systems in place but are not making the most of them. One aspect of our training service has been developed to specifically cater for this. A system is only as powerful as its users allow it to be, so it is critical that your team understand what it can do and how.

Alongside this, our skilled trainers can also offer on site and remote advice – whatever works best for you. They can help with co-ordination and documentation, providing detailed guidance once an in-depth understanding of your processes have been achieved.

They will tailor their approach specifically towards your business, with agile sessions for the workforce as a whole or for individuals. Again, your requirements will be at the fore in their efforts.

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