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Our Story

In June 2007, Ian Richardson and Conor Byrne decided to set up an IT company and in doing so, took their first steps along theICEway.

Working from a modest cabin and with just two others in their party, Ian and Conor set out to “take over the world” and started by becoming experts in the Cruise and Travel industry as well as by working diligently with clients in healthcare. Specifically for the latter, the team worked alongside the medical Royal Colleges in London to set hospitals up.

Within just twelve short months, theICEway had multiplied its numbers to count fourteen amongst its ranks, all based out of the very same cabin although mercifully on different shifts. Not long after came the move to a newly opened Bio-park in Welwyn Garden City, where 1500 square feet of space awaited the former cabin-dwellers – quite the change in working arrangements!

From that point on theICEway grew from strength to strength, opening additional offices first in Norway, then Australia and then in Estonia. It hasn’t stopped there either, with a Miami base added in 2020 and a multi-national team established over the course of an epic journey.

Our local company truly has achieved a global reach.

The full story of theICEway is quite the read, and through it all both Ian and Conor have adhered to some fundamental principles and values, which you can read further down the page.

Ian, Conor, Everyone

We are in it together.




theICEway Ecosystem Of Companies

An introduction to theICEway and its people

theICEway ecosystem of companies comprises of ICE, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware. Created by Ian Richardson and Conor Byrne, theICEway provides a fully supportive, end-to-end strategy for organisations seeking to enhance their digital footprint. We can offer guidance, advice and help with technology projects, application managed service and cloud strategy, infusing our efforts with a security by design approach and an ethos built around collaboration. Our people and yours are our greatest assets as we strive to meet your core objectives using innovative methods. Together we can take you to the next level.