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Technology Projects

Technology Projects

All of the technology projects we take on are delivered by theICEway's Project Management Office (PMO). Our extensive work in the cruise industry has exposed our IT teams to many highly complex projects. They have successfully navigated their way through these and built a tried and tested framework. This is based around mixed PRINCE2 and agile methodologies.

PRINCE2 stands for 'PRojects IN Controlled Environments'. It is a process-based method for effective project management and is widely recognised and practised in the UK and internationally.

theICEway's Technology Projects are always infused with a spirit of collaboration. We'll work with you to understand your business and your objectives. We'll initially answer some simple questions; what are we trying to do? What do we need? How long will it take? How much will it cost? When do we start? We'll help you get to the next level. Our offering includes:

Technology Consultancy

Dry Docks and Shipboard IT support

System Implementations / Project Management

Outsourced Software Testing via our eTestware brand

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Dry Docks and Shipboard IT Support

Technology Consultancy

- Business Decision Support and Analysis
- Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Management
- Client-side Project and Programme Management
- Burn & Budget management
- System Selection & Procurement
- Complex System Implementations
- System Integration
- Testing (eTestware)
- Training

Dry Docks and Shipboard IT Support

- IT solutions for cruise
- Resources to help fill the gaps
- Networking
- Software upgrades
- Application Upgrade
- Hardware upgrades
- Hardware deployments
- Software deployments
- Land cable deployments
- Fibre-optic installations

System Implementations & Project Management

System Implementations / Project Management

- Fully customisable and flexible implementation phase processes
- Extensive cruise industry experience enables us to develop an efficient, agile approach
- Comprehensive planning and process mapping
- Analysis of core business needs to ensure effective implementation
- Best practice approach with regular progress meetings from day 1
- Full access to theICEway Project Management Office (PMO)
- Our mixed PRINCE2 and agile methodology reduce overruns and increase efficiency

Outsourced Software Testing (eTestware)

eTestware are a team of functional software testing experts originally from Estonia. A part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, we have access to highly-trained resources in the UK, the US, Australia and in Europe. Our experienced software testers offer outsourced solutions and services, working alongside software vendors and customers.

We use the term, ‘right-sourced’, as we very much see any collaboration as just that. We work hard to understand you and your business, tailoring our methods accordingly. We believe that through testing, much can be achieved to improve the overall quality of a system or software. Moreover, identifying issues and errors at the earliest stage is critical in achieving the optimal user experience.

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