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ICE - 15 in May 2022

ICE: An integral part of theICEway

In 2007, Ian Richardson and Conor Byrne founded ICE. In doing so, they laid a core piece of our ecosystem.

Along with CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware, ICE delivers complete digital solutions. For almost a decade-and-a-half, the IT experts at ICE have worked hard to generate results for clients in cruise, travel and healthcare. They have helped out in other industries too, although this triumvirate has proven particularly fruitful in a collaborative sense. Perhaps it is due to the fact that ICE knows these sectors so well. Indeed, many of the people at ICE came here from roles in these industries. They have since continued to learn about key trends as they have a real passion for them.
Limwell Alim

Limwell Alim, joined in 2008

"ICE has... kept me on my toes"

Back in February 2008 I still remember vividly sitting in a room in front of Richie and Conor for an interview, they both put me at ease during the process yet with their faces not giving away any hint on how the interview was going. 
Being young and working in the IT industry at that time was quite daunting. Becoming part of the (then) small team at ICE and helping them to support big clients in the cruise, travel and healthcare sector at the same time, it was clear that I had ‘hit the ground running’!
For someone who needs a lot of stimulation, working for ICE has certainly kept me on my toes and helped me expand my knowledge, confidence, and experience in different areas in the IT industry. Now, 14 years on, I’m still thrilled to be working on new projects and providing bespoke solutions to fit clients’ needs. 
To be a part of the team for all these years, I have witnessed all the challenges that the company has encountered year after year, and I must say I’m proud to be part of this family who all faced it head-on and successfully got through it together.


Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson, joined in 2009

"theICEway will always go the extra mile"

After starting my journey with theICEway as a first line engineer over a decade ago to now having progressed into a managerial position, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience life at the ‘coalface’ and can appreciate the hard work our dedicated IT engineers put in every day, as well as being able to develop a great rapport with our customers along the way.
To be asked to fly out to Miami in 2019 and visit one of our biggest clients was a huge highlight for me and gave me the opportunity to demonstrate to them personally how theICEway will always go the extra mile, especially when faced with a challenging IT project.
Another (somewhat unique) highlight was being asked to write the hold music for our Service Desk call system with our head of consultancy laying down the vocal track on top – ok yes, it’s a hold message but still our most “out there” musical collaboration!
It’s been an absolute pleasure over the past decade to work with such a diverse group of people, colleagues and clients alike, and I can honestly say it’s now more enjoyable than ever, despite the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at us all. 
I’m looking forward to marking the 15-year milestone and beyond with theICEway and I’m very confident that given the quality and depth of knowledge we have in place we will continue to improve our service and enjoy additional growth as a result.
Bertie Trevis

Bertie Trevis, joined in 2011

"It has been a pleasure to watch the company flourish"

I have been with theICEway now for more than 10 years, a significant majority of my career. It has been a pleasure to watch the company flourish and grow over that period and to have felt like a part of that progress. The owners have always helped me recognise my key strengths and competencies, allowing me to hone them and increase my responsibilities over time.

The job itself is varied, interesting and challenging, it has allowed me to travel all over the world and work with unique people and organisations. theICEway has forged an impressive path to success by living the core values of the company in everything they do.

Outside of the day-to-day business responsibilities there is a strong emphasis on having a good time and the result is a close knit group of like-minded people getting the job done through strong teamwork and co-operation.

David Willis

David Willis, joined in 2011

"I am proud to work for theICEway"

I have been working with ICE for over 10 years now and during this time it has been amazing to see how much the company has grown. Even with this growth, the ethos of the company hasn’t changed and we are a very close group where everyone is willing to help each other to achieve our goals.
Over this time I have been given lots of opportunities and a freedom to explore a career path that best suits my skills and Richie and Conor will go out of their way to help with any personal or professional challenges. 
For a relatively small company it’s remarkable the global reach we have. Being part of a dynamic team that can help much larger corporations achieve their IT goals is testament to the knowledge and work ethic within the company. 
Considering that cruise and travel are our primary industries and knowing how much these were affected by the pandemic, it is extraordinary how we have come out of the other side stronger. I am proud to work for theICEway and looking forward to the exciting times ahead!
Valentine Anene

Valentine Anene, joined in 2012

"... such a visionary company"

9 years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing with ICE. The interview went really well with the two directors, Conor and Ian.
I was taking to what they said and their vision for the company, so much so that I immediately felt like I belonged to the company as I could feel the vision and passion from both of them. This made me join ICE and I have to say that to this day, I have not had any cause to regret this decision.
ICE (theICEway) has been such a visionary company that has continued to care about its employees. Over the years, I have seen the company grow to a medium business with strong standing and reputation in many sectors, especially the cruise and hospitality sectors.
The company’s culture and mantra of integrity, people and innovation is so central to the company’s existence. No wonder many employees stay for several years with theICEway.
Tomomi Uchida

Tomomi Uchida, joined in 2013

"Happy 15th Birthday to theICEway!"

My history with ICE started back in 2009 when they were the IT vendor for the company I worked for. Though I did not work very closely with ICE then, I only heard good things about them. Fast forward to 2012 and I was given an opportunity to join theICEway to work on various system implementation projects.
During the last 10 years, I have always been so proud to be a part of the team working for something that we are so passionate about. The whole team is so down-to-earth and has welcomed me with a full heart whenever I visited them in the head office.
There have been many ups and downs and the pandemic was definitely an event to remember, however we have used this time to grow even stronger as a team, continued to work hard and inspired each other to be a better version of theICEway. I couldn’t be happier to be one of them during this time.
I would like to congratulate my wonderful bosses, Conor and Richie, for the past 15 years and the heart they have put in to create a company with integrity and love. I have such big respect towards theICEway and could not be more excited for the next 15 years for them!
Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm Taylor, joined in 2013

"15 years is a great achievement"

I first got involved with Ice Support Ltd as a consultant in 2012. I was engaged to do some cost and contract profitability analysis. My relationship with the company blossomed to the extent that I was employed in 2013 as the management accountant and have since become the Finance Director and Company secretary. The aspirations of the company to become the leading IT experts globally in cruise, travel and some health verticals has been matched with service delivery, application, innovation and global presence. The Ice Group has companies in UK, Australia, Norway, Estonia and USA and they have been set up and resourced to provide local contacts and services to meet client need.
The core values of the company drive the ethos of the company and with the business aspirations the company has set in place a business strategy that builds on our strengths, deals with areas of improvement and promotes good customer experiences. The Covid pandemic has had a serious effect on most of our clients and the Company has effectively worked with clients to assist them through difficult times.
15 years is a great achievement, but it is not a surprise as we are a great company with a great team and a loyal client base. The executive are always looking for new business, ideas and opportunities and I am sure we will be celebrating many more anniversaries in the future.
David Gazeley

David Gazeley, joined in 2015

"... there are great people working for theICEway"

I joined theICEway back in 2015 as a senior engineer on the Service desk. I was initially a little nervous meeting everyone for the first time, being in a new environment and not really knowing what to expect working for a Managed Service.
This was my first time working for a Managed Service company that dealt primarily with the cruise and travel industry but I was quickly made to feel welcome and given great support. 7 years on I’m still here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. theICEway has survived adversity in several forms and is stronger than ever, it is definitely true that the people make the company and there are great people working for theICEway.
There have been times I’ve needed help and the company has supported me in any way I’ve needed it. I hope theICEway continues to grow, continues to be challenged and reaches the goal of being the go-to company for all your IT needs!
Silja Suits

Silja Suits, joined in 2015

"It is a great company"

I joined theICEway in 2015 as a finance assistant, when I barely knew anything about finance. Thanks to the support of the company I am now the senior finance and business officer. It has taken several long years of studying in and out of various stages of quarantines and lockdowns and my team has been there supporting me all the way. 
TheICEway finance team is small, it is just three of us, but efficient. I love our work ethic as we all know our own specific roles and tasks but help and assist each other whenever we can. We understand that communication is key in teamwork and we have update calls every day to stay on top of our workloads.  
Throughout the years theICEway has grown in different directions and I am proud to have been able to help whenever possible and witness how it has evolved. It is a great company with an amazing and talented group of people who all work hard, and company events are always guaranteed fun. 
Seeing how theICEway has evolved I am sure the next 15 years, or even 50, will be equally successful, if not better!
Laura Barton

Laura Barton, joined in 2019

"ICE prides itself on being great"

Despite only being an employee with ICE for nearly 3 years, I have known about them for many more years than that. My friends have worked for ICE and for a long time they boasted about this amazing company they get to work for. My time came in 2019 to ‘get in on the action’ and see what they were all about and what a great decision I made. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side? For me, it has never been greener. 
It makes a world of a difference when the company you work for makes you feel like you are more than just another number on the employee list and that is how you know why it has been so easy for this company to still be going strong after 15 years. ICE prides itself on being great at what they do and the wide range of IT knowledge that we can offer makes us an invaluable asset to any client. Here’s to many more years to come!
Mahendra Rathod

Mahendra Rathod, joined in 2019

"... I am a very happy employee"

I came across theICEway as I applied for a 2nd line engineer role. I had an interview with Conor back in August 2019. I was happy while having the interview itself, as it was going so nicely from both ends, and we had good chats about things away from the role too. I had a walk through the office with Kevin on the day and I remember I met Freddy too.
I started my job with theICEway on 10th October 2019. The good thing is that all the people I met on the interview day had left positive impressions on my mind. A good company is made with good people and after these past couple of years that impression of the interview day is still as it is for me. 
Through this journey with theICEway, I have gone through different stages of life, and I have always had support from the whole company. Even the directors have supported me when I was going through bad times. In terms of the company, I feel that I have been looked after with little things like greetings every morning, warm tea and coffee, the delicious and fresh fruits on the desks, chocolates and Christmas parties are just ‘wow’!
I also have all the technical training, tools and software investment that I need. During Covid, theICEway looked after families like mine by keeping them in a job. You can say that I am a very happy employee of theICEway. We are asked for feedback on how the company can improve regularly and I feel special for that, in fact we all do here. I am really proud to be part of theICEway.
Asa Sargeant

Asa Sargeant, joined in 2019

"I was instantly impressed with the team"

My first contact with theICEway was as a potential client for their ICE brand, back in 2018. I was working for a specialist travel company and ICE had been recommended as being particularly well-versed in travel-based IT support. I was instantly impressed with the team and their structured approach to IT processes, plus I also gained a stronger understanding of the need for cyber security awareness.
Our paths then crossed again the following year but in a different capacity; this time around, I was delighted to be invited to help them with their marketing efforts. I can honestly say that the entire team are a pleasure to work with. What they do not know about IT could be written on the back of a postage stamp, which has proven to be a great help in getting me quickly up-to-speed on all things technology-related.
Any organisation that has not only survived but also thrived during the pandemic-era deserves praise. Any organisation that reaches 10 years of trading certainly also warrants being congratulated. To reach 15 years is therefore a remarkable achievement and one that I am proud to be associated with, even if only in a small way. Here’s to the next 15 years, chaps!
Tracy Fletcher

Tracy Fletcher, joined in June 2021

"I really do love them!"

I first came into contact with ICE over 10 years ago as a client, I was immediately interested in the company and their ethos. I found them to be exceptional in the way they handled their staff and clients. They provided a high level of IT support and consultancy to our office, which enabled us to focus on core tasks in the meantime.  

I made some good friends there who I have kept in touch with over the years, and I was lucky enough to be offered a job with them last year and jumped at the chance to work for them. 
For me everything about ICE and theICEway is exceptional and I feel very lucky to have finally been able to become part of an amazing team. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 15 years since Ian and Conor established ICE, but I'm not surprised that they’ve been such a success and hopefully I can contribute to more in the future. 
(I really do love them and want to be an integral part of their very bright future!)


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