Working with your IT Teams to deliver business solutions
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Product Development

Our experts are on hand to provide guidance and support with custom web and mobile development, as well as re-engineering and enhancements. Also we will make sure that your current IT set-up has been analysed and evaluated and we will then take the necessary steps with you to move forwards.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to fully understand them and familiarise ourselves with your business processes and those behind them.

Together, we will achieve your objectives whether that means a totally new system or a refined version of an existing one.

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Also known as ‘user experience’, UX is the process deployed to design products that will fall in line with the attitudes and emotions of the end user. Incorporating branding, functionality and usability alongside the design elements, UX essentially aims to ensure a positive experience for users that offers value.

Our expert consultants can provide you with all you need to know about this increasingly important discipline. They can also guide you on UX prototyping, UX and UI development and much more.


Data Science

We will be delighted to help you make the most of your data via the use of algorithms, processes, methods and systems all designed to collect insights.

Data has always been of incredible use to any organisation, but nowadays it is vital that you maximise it to augment the overall customer experience.

Our experts can help you with ‘big data’ and more specifically with data processing, data mining, machine learning, rules engines, recommendation engines, visualisation and more.

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The Cloud

Nowadays it is hard to think of the internet without thinking about the cloud. We all store and access huge volumes of data on our mobile phones (for example) and most of us have multiple devices around our homes, each one enabling us to stream various media platforms.

Here at ICE, we can help you to move your existing applications to the cloud or to transform legacy systems. We can also help with designing cloud-native solutions, ensuring that your business is entirely up-to-date in this most modern of worlds.

We’ll ensure you take the right way; theICEway.

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