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Freddy's First Seatrade Experience

by Freddy Loft | April 17, 2024 | Blog | 0 Comments

"This past week I had the pleasure of representing theICEway at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami for the first time. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences about the week.

Arriving in Miami

Hopping across the pond and arriving on a Saturday afternoon, the Miami heat felt a far cry away from the wet weather back home. I met up with the rest of theICEway team at the airport and headed to our apartments which would act as a base camp for us during our stay. The next day was a proving ground for me as we were setting-up our stand and ensuring we were ready for the week ahead. Working with the team built a real spirit among us as we toiled together to get ourselves Seatrade ready.


Exploring the city

I was fortunate enough to have some free time, so I followed in the footsteps of King James and took my talents to South Beach to check out the Solar Eclipse, we weren’t lucky enough for total coverage in Miami, but at about 45% coverage it made for pretty spectacular viewing!


The start of Seatrade 

As the convention started a couple of days later I was reminded of how things looked pre set-up. It was amazing seeing the size and scope of the convention centre before everything kicked-off, but it paled in comparison to seeing it now with everyone ready to go. There was a real buzz in the air as the PA announcement came over the speakers to let us all know that the event was beginning. The first day was full of the hustle and bustle you would expect from a convention such as this and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet with different people from all realms of the cruise industry. From technical contacts to entertainment coordinators it was a colourful mix all providing a greater insight into all the intricate details that combine to provide an unmatched guest experience aboard a cruise.

What became increasingly clear during my stay was how the population of Miami had really jumped onboard the Lionel Messi hype train. Hundreds of people walk the streets daily clad in the pink shirts of Inter Miami with the eight-time Ballon D’or winner’s famous number 10 on their backs. It will be fascinating to see the next World Cup which is being hosted in North America as more and more locals are becoming hooked on soccer.


Navigating the convention 

As the event roared on through the week it was great to hear some of the seminars moderated by fellow members of theICEway team being so warmly received by those who attended. The TechZone which we have pioneered was visited by many and I felt even prouder to be a part of the local company with the global reach. I had a chance to wander around the convention, meeting delegates from all the different ports, and the different vendors offering different experiences. Taking in the Dominican dancers, I narrowly avoided seeing some men on stilts (MASSIVE phobia) and headed to the Fincantieri stand. This was a personal highlight for me, seeing some models of ships whose IT we support was pretty awesome.


reflections and farewell

As the week came to a close, we packed up our gear and I had some time to reflect with the rest of the team. So many cracking experiences, some excellent conversations, and a fascinating insight into all-things cruise. I had a thoroughly great time and was glad to play a small part in an excellent event!"


Our appreciation

It was a pleasure to have Freddy representing theICEway at Seatrade Cruise Global. Not only did he play a crucial role in setting up our stand and ensuring everything was ready for the event, but he also engaged with our clients and suppliers in a way that showcased his expertise and passion for the cruise industry. Even in moments of downtime, Freddy's company was a joy to have around. His contributions were truly appreciated, and we are grateful for his dedication and professionalism throughout the event.

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