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Right Sourcing

by Asa Sargeant | September 9, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

This week, we take a look at a topic that has gathered real momentum in 2020, as the growing need for outsourcing has led to many companies re-thinking their position on it and whether it is right for them or not. Here at ICE we fully embrace a collaborative, team-based approach in everything we do and can safely say that ‘right sourcing’ is most definitely the (ICE) way forward…

What is right sourcing?

At its core, right sourcing is about selecting the most appropriate source to deliver your required services. As we have seen this year perhaps more so than in any other, numerous cases can arise where a company or organisation must decide whether or not they can successfully complete a business task in-house, or if it makes more sense to contract it out to a third-party service provider. In the past the driving factor behind such a decision has invariably been in order to save money.

Another common reason behind the choice to outsource certain projects in the past has been business owners wanting their own teams to focus more on core activities, thus ensuring that they are maximising their own efficiencies, and this is very much a key element of right sourcing.

Right sourcing is very much about finding and assigning the right resource to the right task, at the right cost, effectively taking outsourcing to the next level by combining the talents of the qualified professionals already at your disposal with those of qualified professionals who can combine an outsider’s perspective with a sound understanding of your requirements.

Think of it like when the Avengers assemble; sure, Thor can smash things up with relative ease, but you would surely want him to focus on conjuring up some lightning when the Hulk was available?

Top Tip

In the light-hearted analogy above, your business is Thor and we at ICE are the Hulk. Let us smash down the obstacles in your way whilst your expertise with fulmination is applied better elsewhere – you know it makes sense…

You can find a good cross-section of our services listed below and if you need help with any of them, simply contact our team today and we will be happy to join forces with you!

Right Sourcing your IT with theICEway

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, ICE’s IT experts work diligently alongside your own IT teams to deliver technology projects, application managed service, cloud strategy and more:

ICE Cloud Managed Service

Cloud (Includes public, private & hybrid)
Security by Design
Enterprise Architecture
Document & Data Management
Monitoring (Includes Application Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure monitoring & UX)
24/7 Service Desk (Tech Support)

ICE Consultancy

Business Decision Support & Analysis
Business Intelligence Reporting & Data Management
Client-side Project & Programme Management
Complex System Implementations
System Integration

ICE Innovation

Future tech (Includes Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality)

ICE Rapid Development

We have worked together with clients in cruise, travel and healthcare for over two decades and have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in that time, always striving to use our learnings to continuously progress and grow.

We know that the secret to any successful endeavour lies in people, both ours and yours, and this is reflected strongly in the first of our three core values:

People | Integrity | Innovation

Our people are definitely our most valuable ‘asset’, with trust and communication being crucial components here on theICEway. We as a company only reach our true potential when our people have reached theirs, and it is exactly the same when it comes to your people, with whom we can build, teach, learn from and grow.

Gone are the days of bringing third party companies on board primarily to save on spend, and rightly so. Now, with right sourcing, it is very much all about supplementing your own efforts and finding the most effective and efficient manner in which to get the job done utilising experts from inside and out.

With decades of experience and a hands-on, collaborative approach, theICEway is quite simply theRIGHTway

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