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What does IT Consultancy have to offer?

by Colm Bushell | June 12, 2024 | Blog | 0 Comments

At theICEway, we excel in providing top-notch IT consultancy solutions. Our team of IT experts work closely with clients to understand their unique business requirements, offering tailored advice and guidance to help them achieve their technological goals. In this week’s blog, we will look at the benefits of working with IT consultants. Technology is developing at a rate of knots and if you cannot keep pace, you may get left behind. That's why tapping into the knowledge of an IT consultant is crucial to ensure your business remains current and relevant in today's digital landscape.


theICEway's Consultancy 

Most people will have some idea of what IT consultancy is but not fully understand the extent of what they offer.  We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of specialised consultancy services that truly set us apart from other IT consultancy firms in the industry.

We offer:

- Business Decision Support & Analysis.
- Business Intelligence Reporting & Data Management.
- Client-side Project & Programme Management.
- Burn & Budget management.
- System Selection & Procurement.
- Complex System Implementations.
- System Integration.
- Testing (eTestware)
- Training


What benefits can be gained from collaborating with an IT consultant?

Reducing Costs - It is considerably more expensive to hire an in-house team to resolve IT issues comparatively to employing a consultant. If an IT consultant can a strategic IT plan for an organisation, they can save money on employing permanent staff.

Improved Security - IT consulting companies have the resources to identify any risks in a current security system and strengthen against potential issues in the future. 

Adjustability - Bringing an IT consultant can not only help your business to grow as well as adjusting to ever changing market requirements. 

Experience - Experienced consultants can provide invaluable advice that may not be accessible without their specialised expertise.


What potential challenges may arise when hiring an IT consultant?

Communication Issues - In some instances there may be breakdowns in communication if a consultant is not able to communicate technical concepts to non - technical staff.  This can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and ultimately hinder the implementation of IT solutions. However, our consultants are skilled in translating complex technical jargon into simple, understandable language that all team members can grasp.

Lack of control over your IT systems - There may be concerns for some businesses when considering an external contractor to oversee their IT restructuring, as they may fear a loss of control over their operations and decision-making processes. We believe transparency is key to building an efficient trustworthy relationship with a client. By providing thorough explanations of the decision-making process and consistently updating clients on any system changes, they can rest assured that we are here to assist and support, not to take control. 


Choosing the right IT consultancy for your organisation

There will have been no point of us praising the uses of IT consultancy for you to choose a services provider that is unsatisfactory. We have listed three ways to help you decide who to pick.

Testimonials - What better way to know how good a consultancy is, than to ask other organisations that they have worked with. If an organisation can provide numerous testimonials that praise their standards, there is a very slim possibility that you will be dissatisfied with their work.

Cost - Cost is a crucial factor in any business decision, often considered the elephant in the room. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest service available, it is essential to weigh the value of your investment. If you pay for the cheapest service, you are unlikely to receive high quality consultancy. 

Adjustability - A reputable consultancy should demonstrate flexibility by customising their services to meet the unique requirements of your business. Whether you are embarking on a brief project or a long-term initiative, the consultancy should be equipped to offer tailored advice accordingly.



Working with IT consultants like us can benefit your organisation massively, from cutting costs and enhancing security to receiving invaluable information. While potential drawbacks do exist, theICEway's transparent approach and skilled consultants ensure a smooth and efficient process. Embrace the opportunity to stay current and relevant in the modern-day digital landscape by utilising the expertise of IT consultants who can guide you towards technological success. 




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